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Primary Services

Connection and flow with ChatGPT for various sectors

We integrate and adapt the power of ChatGPT to various sectors, from marketing to medicine. A versatile solution for the diverse needs of your business.

Intelligent chatbot integrated with your API.

Our chatbot does more than just answer questions. It seamlessly integrates with your company's API to offer real-time answers based on accurate data. Turn interactions into personalized experiences.

Custom training of ChatGPT models

Tailor ChatGPT to your specific needs. We train models based on your data, ensuring answers and solutions custom-fit to your company.

Local machine with GPT model for total privacy

We prioritize your information's security. With our local machine solution, your data stays on your servers, ensuring confidentiality and total control.

Technologies we use

We use the advanced versions gpt-3.5-turbo and gpt-4 to tailor solutions to your needs. We offer solutions based on gpt-enterprise, llama-2, and gpt4all to ensure maximum data privacy.

Free consultation on ChatGPT solutions

You're not alone in this transformation. We offer free advice to identify and apply the best ChatGPT solutions for your business.


Efficiency and cost reduction

By incorporating AI-based solutions, repetitive and time-intensive tasks are automated, freeing up valuable resources. This automation not only enhances productivity but can also result in a significant reduction in operational expenses over the long term.

Quick and accurate responses to customers

In today's digital world, speed is essential. Our solutions ensure your customers receive precise real-time answers, enhancing their experience and trust in your brand. Agile and effective customer service translates into satisfaction and loyalty.

Privacy and complete control of your data.

The privacy and security of your data is our top priority. With solutions like the local machine with GPT model, we ensure your data never leaves your premises. You maintain total control, ensuring that sensitive and critical information is protected and managed according to your standards.

Technological advancement against competition.

In a competitive market, technological innovation is a key differentiator. By adopting advanced AI solutions, you establish yourself as a leader in your field, demonstrating commitment to excellence and adaptation to future trends. Standing out from the competition can open doors to new opportunities and growth.

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Use cases


Socibus is a bus company in Spain, known for its modern fleet providing comfortable journeys. They focus on competitive pricing and service quality, operating key routes and covering over 50 destinations across Spain.


Deliciosos Ramos

The Good Goal

ChatGPT applications


ChatGPT excels at text-related tasks. From content generation, grammatical correction, to translations and document summarization, its capability to process and generate language makes it a powerful tool for any textual task.

Marketing & SEO

ChatGPT can be employed to produce promotional content, optimize texts for search engines, identify key trends, and provide valuable insights for digital marketing strategies.

Human Resources

ChatGPT can assist in the recruitment process by analyzing resumes, answering candidates' questions, and even aiding in the training and onboarding of new employees.


Educators can utilize ChatGPT as a teaching assistant. It can help answer student inquiries, provide additional explanations on complex subjects, and offer supplementary learning resources.

Customer Service

Instead of traditional chatbots, ChatGPT provides a more natural and effective customer service experience. It can answer queries, resolve issues, and offer real-time information, significantly enhancing customer satisfaction.

Law applications

In the legal field, ChatGPT can be an invaluable tool for legal research, interpretation of laws and regulations, and assistance in the preparation of legal documents.


For students, ChatGPT is like having a personalized tutor available 24/7. It can assist in research, offer explanations on challenging subjects, help with homework, and prep for exams.

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